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I was asked to write about the most amazing, talented man I have ever met in my life, my late Fiance, Jason Groulx.


Jason was most known for his love of mechanics. Anything from diesel engines, his beloved 1951 Ford, to fabricating matching motorized Radio Flyers just to race me in. He was always building something out of this world, proving his imagination was unique and limitless. We used to spend many days out in the country picking for parts or materials, Jason would grab anything that he thought was neat, no matter its value. Value was something Jason did not see as most people do. He saw potential and life in things that were long forgotten and left behind. He would re-purpose them and make them new again, he would give them back their shine. Which ironically is what I thank him for every single day.

Gasoline Alley Rat Rods was Jason’s true passion. After 20 years of working in the oilfield, he left it all to pursue his dream of building cars for a living. Team Canada, from the 2016 International Rat Rod Buildoff, was born here. The Gasoline Alley Rat Rod’s shop was the home for the 1928 Dodge build, which is now known as “Midnight Moon”. The team consisted of some of the best men known to Jason, the people he trusted with his dream, the people he trusted to help make it a reality. I was fortunate enough to be a part of some of the late nights spent grinding and fabbing and brainstorming in the shop that summer. It was a thing of beauty to watch the way that team overcame diversity and disagreements and really came together to build what became the Winner of the 2016 International Rat Rod Buildoff. Everyone helped make Jason’s life long dream a reality and he was forever grateful and humbled by the gesture, even though we all saw it as our pleasure and privilege to work beside him.

Jason is remembered for his talent, generosity and approachable nature in the Rat Rod community. He was always there to lend a helping hand to a friend or a neighbour or even a stranger. Jason believed the Rat Rod community to be his family, the people he connected with the most. His love and passion for this rusty rubbish was so contagious to everyone that came around, he was an inspiration to us all. Jason’s laugh and smile lit up the room no matter where he was or how much grease he was covered in. The only passion that rivaled Rat Rods, was making people laugh.

Sadly, we lost Jason in a boating accident on August 13 2017. He was loved by so many and is missed by even more. His spirit lives on in our hearts, and our builds. May he watch over the teams and builds to come, and never be forgotten.


                                      RIP Jason RR Groulx 


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